Summer Institute 2004

Aug. 12-19, 2004 Fujiyoshida, Japan

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Last update: Jun 8, 2004


On Summer Institute 2004

In the summer institute 2004 several main talks on some phenomenological topics by invited speakers and short talks will be organized. However the purpose of this meeting is to promote communications and discussions on research among participants, rather than to give pedagogical lectures for students. We hope that new ideas and research activities will be initiated at this institute.

Summer institute 2004 is sponsored by the Grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan:

The Summer Institute 2004 is also held as a part of YITP workshop and is supported by Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Unified theories, Flavor physics, Supersymmetry, Neutrino physics, Extra dimensions, Particle cosmologies, Lattice gauge theories etc.

Date and Place

August 12 (Thu.) - 19 (Thu.), 2004

Nikkeiren Fuji Seminar House (in Japanese)
Fuji-Yoshida Araya 1400,
Yamanashi 403-0006 Japan
TEL : 0555-22-5156
FAX : 0555-23-7988

Map (in Japanese)

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Invited speakers

A few more invited speakers are to be confirmed soon.






M. Bando(Aichi),  T. Kugo(Kyoto),  T. Kobayashi(Kyoto),  N. Maekawa(Kyoto),
T. Kurimoto(Toyama), J. Kubo(Kanazwa), H. Terao(Kanazawa), 
T. Izubuti(Kanazawa), D. Suematsu(Kanazawa)
Y. Igarashi(Niigata), K. Itoh(Niigata), H. Nakano(Niigata),  H. So(Niigata),
M. Tanimoto (Niigata)



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